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Church Windows

Year B


Advent1a The Master Comes in Our Ordinariness
Advent2b Building Highways to God
Advent3b The Kissing Revolution
Advent4b Birth Notices


Christmas Satnav knows the way
Christmas 1b Letting your Inner Simeon Depart in Peace



Lent1b Outward Bound and Wilderness
Lent2b God and Impassibility
Lent3b Gods Wisdom and Hunab Foolishness
Lent4b Mixed Metaphors and The Serpent on a Pole
Lent 5b When the Greeks turn up
Lent6b Palm Sunday Crucify Him
Good Friday 2918 Thorns


Easter Mk 16 1-8 We are the Continuing Story
Easter2b The Victim Returns
Easter3b We Had the Experience but Missed the Meaning
Easter 4b Psalm23
Easter 7b Soliloquy

Ordinary Sundays (After Pentecost)

Pentecost Public Relations
Trinityb Dependence and Independence
Os9b Sunday Between 29 May and 4 June Bureaucrats and Administrators
Os10b Sunday Between 5 and 11 June Liar Lunatic or Lord
OS11b Sunday Between 12 and 18 June An Earthly Story with a Heavenly Meaning
OS12b Sunday Between 19 and 25 June The Great Storm
OS13b Sunday Between 26 June and 2 July The Woman with the Haemorrhage
OS14b Sunday Between 3 and 9 July Small Town Reputation


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