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Volunteers at Food Bank

Boniface Care

“Boniface Care” is the outward expression of our call as Anglicans to meet human need through loving service within our diocese.
Through our network of 32 Parishes throughout the Southwest and Great Southern regions, we seek to serve the needs of people lovingly within our communities, by meeting them where they are locally, forming a relationship with them and providing them with the resources they need to improve their quality of life, or simply to assist them to overcome a particular hurdle they are facing at that time in their life.

Food Distribution

On a weekly basis food is distributed to those in need, either by way of prepared meals (casseroles), food hampers, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables: all of which is very much appreciated as it helps to stretch the family budget, or put food on a table where there would otherwise be none. Food is also given to the In-town Lunch Centre in Bunbury on a regular basis.

Meal Kitchens

Just short of 300 people are feed each week through our soup kitchens, and this number increases during winter months. But more importantly they are also fed emotionally and spiritually by having someone to talk and share with at the table: and through prayers offered for the meal.  For many this is one of the few social contacts they have with others each week. 

Emergency Relief

Much needed emergency relief is also distributed through this ministry in many of our Centres throughout the Diocese. Although access to Government funds have been restricted: families and individuals are receiving much needed assistance with paying their bills, purchasing food, and overcoming a crisis through this valuable ministry.

Financial Counselling

With the assistance of our partners Anglicare WA and others: people are being assisted in gaining the skills they need to effectively budget and manage their finances. Anglicare WA also provide many other services on our behalf throughout the Diocese which are meeting important needs by assisting people to take charge of their lives, as well as preventing both individuals and families from falling into crises.


We currently have over 400 registered volunteers assisting in these ministries: which enables them to fulfil their various ministries in Christian service, know that they are themselves valued as a person, and are making an enormous contribution to the life of their Community by assisting others to improve their quality of life, and feel loved and appreciated as well.

Other Ministries

Around the Diocese we have many women who faithfully knit blankets, scarves, and babies clothing which are freely distributed to those in need. Morning tea is served at two Court Houses, to those who have need to attend: this comes of course with a friendly ear and a caring heart. Some Parishes offer assistance by way of maintenance to those who are unable to afford such things, but find themselves in need. In Coodanup the homeless are offered shelter and a warm meal during the winter months. Several Parishes are involved with the breakfast club at their local school, and provide mentors or grandparents who listen to students read, or help with their maths. One Parish has a special ministry to the backpackers who come from overseas to pick fruit in their area. Others lovingly make “Prayer Quilts” which are blessed and given to those going through a particularly difficult period in their lives: or distribute “Joy Boxes” to brighten their day. Some put together comfort boxes which are distributed to those in hospital. Each of these is an expression of our love and concern for the people we are called to serve.

Safe Church Policy

Through the “Boniface Care” ministries we are determined to uphold best practice with regards to our duty of care for those we serve. Our volunteers are required to attend safe church training workshops, and be registered as a volunteer church worker. We see it as our Christian duty to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those we care for and serve. Because it is our love of God which motivates all that we do and say, we pray that through our ministry of service others will come to see that they too are loved and valued as individuals. Relationships are important to each of us, and we see the development of healthy relationships with those we serve as being fundamental to our mission and ministry through “Boniface Care”.


Anglicare South is a not-for-profit organisation under the statutes of the Diocese of Bunbury which has been registered as a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) with the Australian Tax Office. “Boniface Care” is the operating name of Anglicare South.

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