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The Cursillo Movement is a world wide movement of the Christian Church.  It began in Majorca, Spain, in the early 1940’s when a group of men dedicated themselves to bringing the young people of their day to know Christ better.  Cursillo developed as they prayed and worked together, sharing their thoughts about the state of the world and the effectiveness of their efforts to bring the light of Christ into it.

The word ‘Cursillo’ means ‘a short course’, such as would be used for a sprint race.  The full title ‘Cursillos de Christiandad’ translates as ‘short courses in Christian living’ and refers to the Three Day Weekend programmes that are held to prepare people for meeting in Christian groups to love, share with, support and challenge each other as they provide a backbone of Christian life in their environments.  However, the word ‘Cursillo’ is used also in a general sense to cover all the phases of the movement.

The first Anglican Cursillo programmes in Australia were held in 1979 in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn. Since then it has spread to 19 Australian dioceses. Cursillo was introduced into the Diocese of Perth in 1992, and into the Diocese of Bunbury in 2005.  There are currently about 2500 people in over 120 parishes in Western Australia who have attended a Cursillo 3 Day Weekend.  In 2012 a team from the Bunbury Diocese took Cursillo to the Diocese of the Highveld in South Africa and helped to run the first Cursillo weekends there.

If you would like to know more, ask your Parish Coordinator, or email

Most parishes in the Diocese have a designated Cursillo Coordinator.  If you would like to know more about Cursillo then please contact the person listed for your parish.  If there is no contact person listed for your area then please contact the Diocesan Cursillo Secretary by email to

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