Each Parish should have a current Insurance Manual that covers the Insurance Policies of the Diocese.  This section relates to the many questions directed to the Diocesan Office on a regular basis.

It should be noted that you do not admit liability under any circumstance.  

Some years ago all the Diocese from around Australia arranged through Anglican National Insurance Program (ANIP) for insurance to be underwritten for the group through one insurer.  In effect ANIP acts as an aggregator for all the Diocese and with weight in numbers, tries to obtain the best possible insurance cover.  The agreement includes that: 

(1)    all insurance claims are channelled through each Diocesan office and then forwarded to ANIP, who deal with the insurer directly and
(2)   an agreed percentage of premiums is held by each Diocese and all claims under $10,000 are paid from this
(3)   all claims above $10,000 require an assessor to inspect the damage and supervise the repairs.  These claims are paid through ANIP.

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