Administration in Parishes is a vital aspect to assisting your ministry to grow and prosper with sound governance and procedures.

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Archives and Record Keeping                                                                              Copyright

Bequests                                                                                                                  Reporting


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find old records?  Generally records of Marriages, Baptisms and Confirmations are held at the Church where the service took place.  There are records also held at Battye Library and details of these are held at the Diocesan Office.

What is copyright and how does it affect a Parish?   Refer to the Copyright Table contained in this section.  (Click here for link)

What is required to change details of Office Holders on Bank Accounts?   You will be required to provide a new signature card with details and signatures of all the office holders who have been authorised to operate the account, together with a copy of the minutes of the meeting detailing the changes and authorisations.

What is a bequest?   A bequest is a gift of property or money under the Last Will and Testament.  The bequest can be made in favour of a Parish or the Diocese and may limit the use of funds to a specific purpose or enable the funds to be available general use.

Where are the bequest/trust funds held?   All legacies or bequests must be deposited through the Diocesan Office and are held in Term Deposit with either the Anglican Community Fund or a Bank.

How does a Parish access to bequest or trust funds?   A letter from Parish Council detailing the amount and details of how funds are to be used will need to be forwarded to the Diocesan Secretary for tabling at Executive Committee.  In some cases approval will be required from the Trustees.

What happens to the interest on a bequest/trust?   Interest is distributed to the Parish as it is received.

What do we do if we are advised of a bequest?   Any advices of legacies or bequests received directly by a Parish must be forwarded to the Diocesan Trustees via the Diocesan Secretary.  The Diocesan Secretary will liaise with the Solicitor or Trustee appointed to manage the estate.