What is Happening?
Happening: A Christian Experience is presented by youth for youth.  It’s a weekend retreat, focusing on Jesus Christ and what He taught.  It promotes the desire to understand and serve the Church.  Participants (called Happeners) experience the love of Christ as shown through prayer, worship, and the testimony and ministry of peers, clergy, and lay adults.  There are games, music, great food, and a chance to talk with peers about things that really matter.

Most young people have serious questions about Jesus and the Church. Happening is designed to address these questions. 
Who can attend?
Any young person between the ages of 15 and 25 inclusive. 

We also invite anyone over 25 who would like to experience Happening for themselves- so that they might encourage the youth in their parish/community to attend, and could in future support the movement by being a staff member.

Happening is predominantly an Anglican movement, however those who are members of a different denominational church are welcome to attend.

If you are not part of a parish or church, we ask that you please contact our Happening Chaplain to discuss if Happening might be the right place for you to learn and grow in faith.

What about after Happening?
Committed, Christ-centred youth and adults are essential for the growth of the church throughout the world.

Happening is just a beginning. The idea is to get closer to God during the weekend and then to continue growing in the Christian way of life. Happeners are encouraged to make their renewed faith a part of their everyday lives, participating in the life of their local congregation and wider community.

Reunions and other opportunities to gather are held regularly, as well as an Annual General Meeting and keeping connected in a Facebook group.
Where did Happening come from?
Happening originated in Dallas, Texas in the mid-1970’s. It began when some teenagers saw the change that Cursillo made in their parents lives and wanted to have the same life transforming experience.  Ten years later and the Happening Movement had spread to about 20 dioceses in the US, and in 1981, the Diocese of Pittsburgh expanded the reach of Happening to the Diocese of Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Later the Diocese of Johannesburg split as the area it covered was incredibly large. As a result, the folk who were involved in Happening in Johannesburg, who now fell into the Highveld Diocese, ran Happening #1 in the 'new ' diocese. 

In 1998 Bishop David McCall [Bunbury] met Bishop David Beetge [Highveld] at the Lambeth Conference. They struck up a friendship and wondered how they could make some connections across the Indian Ocean. Highveld offered us Happening. So in July 2004 a group of 12 went to Johannesburg to attend a Happening. The older members of our group had had Cursillo Experience and had been wondering if there was a form of Cursillo suitable for youth. They were not disappointed! 

On their return they resolved to begin Happening in the Bunbury Diocese and invited the South Africans to visit Australia in return and be a part of the initial staff. They agreed and in July 2005 their dozen joined our staff to host Bunbury Happening #1! 

There have been 12 Happenings since 2005, and the committee are proud to say that Happening is now ‘a teenager’, continuing on ministering to the youth in the Bunbury diocese and hopefully beyond!
What if I have more questions?
You are welcome to phone us on 0448 372 611 or email happeningbunbury@outlook.com 

2015 Happening Weekend Poster

Under 18 Registration Form

Over 18 Registration Form

Where and when is it held?
Happening #13 is being held on 18th-20th September, 2015 at Eaton Scout Camp, Eaton.
It begins on Friday at 7pm for a 8pm start, and ends approximately 5pm on Sunday afternoon.

How much does it cost?
Happening #13 (September 2015) costs $80 per person, for all accommodation and meals. 

A $20 deposit is required to confirm your place. Send us either a deposit or the full payment with your application form, by closing date Friday 11th September. Late payments are not accepted.

If you are in financial difficulty and still wish to attend Happening, please contact the Happening Chaplain for a confidential discussion on 0417 091 390.

How do I apply?
Complete an application form, and send a $20 CASH deposit (or full payment of $80) to:

Mr D McDowell
Happening #13
63 Jamieson Road Capel WA 6271

Deposit & form must be received by Fri 11th Sept to confirm your place

You will then be contacted with more info ie. arrival times, what to bring, etc